12 Good SQL Writing Habits in MySQL

6 min readMay 19, 2024

Good habits for writing SQL statements are very crucial for the following reasons:

  • They enhance the clarity and readability of queries, making them easier to understand, maintain, and debug.
  • Optimized SQL queries can significantly improve database performance by reducing execution times and resource consumption.
  • Following best practices ensures security by preventing SQL injection attacks and ensuring the safe handling of sensitive data.
  • Maintaining consistency in SQL writing promotes effective collaboration among team members and facilitates the scalability of database systems to handle increasing volumes of data and user traffic.

Overall, the good habits for SQL writing leads to more efficient, secure, and maintainable database systems, benefiting both developers and end-users.

1. Always Use the EXPLAIN Statement

When developing SQL queries, it’s essential to cultivate the habit of using EXPLAIN after writing the query. Pay special attention to whether indexes are being utilized efficiently. For example:

EXPLAIN SELECT * FROM employees WHERE department = 'Engineering';

The output of the EXPLAIN statement will provide details about how MySQL intends to…